History of my main original series.

Each multiverse is canon and doesn't interfere with the other.

Dr. Scattermind, the main villain of the first multiverse (History Rewritten and Void Heart)
had been created 8 Dec 2003, which technically makes my original megaverse 18 years old.

The second multiverse (Time Fragments, etc.) had been created but never posted
online 2004-2008. It’s 17 years old.

The third (Nebula Beings) multiverse's a bit trickier. Mr. Slick was a star nomad
FC for Wander over Yonder August 2015. I changed them into nebulanians 09 May 2016.
They were redesigned with antennae and tail 21 Jan 2017.
It's 6 years old.

I find using the multiverse idea quite handy, especially to experiment with
character backstories and the story itself.