Cluster of Slicks.

Since Nebula Beings is a multiverse, there are
various designs of the main character.

This lists all the different designs of Slick.

The main design for most universes.

Mr. Slick's very first design 08 Aug 2015.
He's a star nomad (Wander over Yonder FC)

Outfit for a more advanced setting.

A mix of his nebulanian and star nomad design.

Lord Slick.

Celeste is actually an AU version of Mr. Slick.
Her nickname's Slick. Made her a sister in the webcomics.

Mr. Slick for the webcomic. Has eyelashes and fluffy hair.

Cosmo, Slick's previous incarnation.

Rigel, Slick's next incarnation

Slick as a bard.

Mr. Slick as a star nomad (Wander over Yonder FC).
Slight redesign.

Mr. Slick for the main webcomic.

Mr. Slick for the Alma's Legacy webcomic.


Dr. Albedo from Nebula Beings short story webcomic.

Dr. Slick, to fit with the awesome redesign.
Piranhartist drew of Dr. Alma

Dr. Astro from The Astrocosmical Adventures
of Astro is a Mr. Slick expy.