Boundaries and disclaimers.

List of boundaries and disclaimers, mainly due to previous
asks and also just-in-case.


  • Fan art/Fan fics: Absolutely fine
  • Fan characters of any of my series: Completely fine.
  • My characters drawn with your OC/FC/your sona: Totally fine
  • My characters making cameos: Totally fine, as long as you don't claim them as yours.
  • Shipping your OC/FC/sona with mine: Totally fine, as long as your OC/FC/sona iss 18+
  • Making a fan character that's related to any of my characters: Totally fine. It won't be canon, though.
  • NSFW: Only adult characters. Absolute no for Night-Terror. NSFW tag #spicystarcandy. Won’t accept from under 18s
  • Roleplaying: No. It makes me uncomfortable.
  • Kinning any of them: No. It makes me feel uncomfortable as many of my OCs have some part of me in them.
  • Fetish: Selective. Use #spicystarcandy for them, please. Absolute no for vore, diaper, DDLG, age play, rape.
  • Hate art: No. OCs used for hate speech/propaganda: No
  • Please don't repost my art/webcomics/fics
  • Please don't claim/reclaim any of my characters (fan characters, adopted characters or original characters)
    as yours or put them up for adoption, even if doesn't appear I used them for awhile. I don't upload all my
    content online.
  • Please don't edit my art/webcomic for any reason.
  • Please don't steal my stories/characters/webcomic/ideas and/or claim them as your own.


  • I don't consider myself, or my works, to be better than anyone else's. I consider them to be okayish.

  • I don't consider myself to be popular; or my works to be popular.

  • I don't care about popularity. I just want to create my content.

  • Please don't share my NSFW or kink/fetish art/fics to anyone else,
    especially minors. I lock my NSFW and fetish/kink account for a reason.

  • I don't condone anyone sending anon hate/harrassing others on "my behalf"

  • I don't condone anyone telling others their OCs/webcomic/story is awful compared to mine.

  • I don't condone anyone accusing others of ripping my OCs, stories or webcomics.

  • I don't condone anyone trying to force someone to like my webcomics, OCs or stories.
    If they don't seem interested, please leave them be.

  • I don't care if you're an extremely small creator or super popular, I'll be friendly.

  • I'm not really talkative. It's nothing against you.

  • I'm picky about what webcomics/web series/original stories/original characters I like.

  • Try guilt-tripping me into liking/support any of the above (financially) will result in
    me hating it with a passion, no matter how popular or "awesome" it is/will be.

  • Please don't compare my works to anyone else's, whether positive or negative.

  • I'm a white South African.

  • I'm an independent bookeeper and it's my main source of income.

  • My webcomic/stories/art's a fun hobby of mine.

  • It's highly unlikely I'll ever make a pilot/web series for any of my series.

  • I make gift art on a whim for friends or mutuals' content.

  • I don't do requests.

  • I don't do commissions.